Constipation: Causes and treatments

The constipation is the great problem of people who are living in civilized countries and is the source of many disorders and diseases. Constipation can be caused by many things, some more obvious than others, but all can be solved with simple solutions.    constipation

About 95% of healthy people defecate between 3 times a day and three times a week. When the stools are hard and there is difficulty passing, it can be said that some are suffering from constipation. A healthy person evacuated at least once a day, but more healthy is to evacuate twice.

When not properly evacuate toxins, fats , gases, dead cells and acidic substances that can not be eliminated, absorbs the blood , which starts to become contaminated. If these wastes for over two days in the body, most probably starting to ferment and this creates spirit , which affects the liver and other major organs, and putrefaction begins to generate internal heat, especially when residues are acidic. This is what creates what is known as t oxemia or internal body fever because waste substances can not be eliminated.

Useful information about Constipation

Symptoms of Constipation:

• Spend more than a day without defecating r longer considered constipation.

• hard and force to expel stools.

• Difficulty passing stools.

• Stomach pain.

• swollen belly.

• Malaise.

• Skin rashes of all kinds.

• When the intestines are not working properly, the mucus in the lungs increases, and the mucus is a way to expel toxins, like the sleep from the eyes, ear wax and skin, which also begin to respond to the emergency.

Causes of Constipation:

• A diet deficient in fiber, high in refined and animals and low in fruits and vegetables and fiber foods fat meal.

• Drink little water.

• Lack of exercise, which causes intestinal immobility.

• Stress .

• Obesity .

• Excessive use of drugs and laxatives, which become lazy bowel will need to increasingly strong laxatives because it is becoming dependent on them.

• In infants, infant formulas can cause constipation.

• Other causes may be some intestinal diseases, pregnancy, deficiency of the thyroid or cystic fibrosis, mental health problems, neurological disorders or medications. Another less common cause is cancer of the colon.



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